wantec Products

Wantec is a German company founded in 1999.

Wantec offers door telecommunication products of high quality. All our products are made in Germany.

We use only high quality materials in the production. Our products are resistant to weather conditions and mechanical damage, including vandalism.

Our main area is the production of door and emergency intercoms with IP, as well as analog technology. We also carry out individual orders that include the development and production of intercoms to customer requirements. We offer high-tech solutions to small, medium and large companies, architects and designers.

Our intercoms will serve you long time. We provide guarantee on our products.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate our office in Germany.


Monolith S is the door intercom for voice and door control via analog telephone line.  It is based on the principle of an analog phone and can be easily integrated with your existing telephone system.

It has 1 button and LED white homogeneous lighting.



Monolith GSM is an intercom with built-in GSM.

It does not require connection to a telephone line.

It has 1 button and built-in GSM gateway.

It is programmed via SMS.


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